Keystone Solutions Group Serves as Medical Supply Resource During COVID-19 Pandemic

Contact Keystone for Sample Collection Swabs, Vials, and Kits! 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are leveraging our experience in manufacturing and product development to deliver critical medical supplies currently in high demand. During this time, the main areas of focus for us are Deliver, Distribute, and Donate.


  • We are providing sample collection swabs, vials, and kits. Please call us at (269) 343-4108 for details and delivery dates.
  • Face shield production is in full swing and Keystone has partnered with Goodwill Southwest Michigan to expand production capacity. Please call us at (269) 343-4108 for details and delivery dates.
  • Please contact us for your sample collection needs.


  • Based on specific customer requirements, we are also distributing various sample collection products. Please call us at (269) 343-4108 for further details.


  • We have allocated resources to be able to donate a number of items such as face shields, gloves, and sterile swabs. These donations are occurring through various channels, including direct to hospitals, county health departments, public safety departments, as well as collaborating with suppliers to combine resources and meet more needs.

Please note; due to high demand and fluctuating supply conditions, we cannot commit to firm delivery dates at this time.

We continue to work with The Right Place and other network partners to identify critical needs and determine how we can assist. At Keystone, one of our core values is to serve, and it’s important to us to be of value to our community during this time and beyond.

If we can help you meet a critical need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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