About Us


Keystone Solutions Group is a West Michigan-based product development and medical device contract manufacturing company.

In operation for more than 20 years, we collaborate with customers around the world in the medical device industry to develop, manufacture, package, and sterilize a wide range of products.

Keystone’s operation is FDA registered and ISO13485:2016 certified.

We provide assembly, kitting, packaging, and sterilization management services for single-use disposable and reusable medical products.

Values and a culture that aren’t just taglines.

Complete end-to-end solutions from concept through approval and production.

These attributes make Keystone a leader in the medical device industry and ensure a successful, long-term, collaborative journey.

Taking it beyond the core contract development and contract manufacturing services, Keystone provides unique pathways to product launch through a truly collaborative approach with clients. Regulatory, IP, and other commercial challenges are tackled utilizing solutions that break the mold of typical OEM/CM relationships.

Meet Our


Amy Pequeno

Medical Device Packaging Specialist

April Stickles

Quality Control Technician II

Becky Gregory


Breanna Andrews

Product Development Engineer

Catelynn Stenzel

Program Lead

Eric Woodwyk

Quality Control Technician II

Chelsea Keane

Quality Engineer

Glenda George

Medical Device Packaging Specialist

Correy Mikel

Production Manager

Gramm Goyette

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Dan Peck

Medical Device Packaging Specialist

Jason Barr

General Manager

Jennifer Cupp

Associate Accountant

Jim Medsker


Joe Saulnier

Director of Operations

Joli Fytczyk


Jonah Engel

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Jose Martinez

Material Handler

Justin Burza

Quality Professional

Kara Martin

Quality Control Technician II

Kathy Hambright

Director of Finance

Kelly Broekhuis

ERP Ops Systems Manager

Laura Coats

Quality Manager

Lori Jackson

Accounting/Administrative Assistant

Maria Mata Pantoja

Medical Device Program Lead

Martha Hart

Human Resources Manager

Michael Meinke

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Nic Garcia

Associate Production Manager

Aurora Marvin

Human Resources Intern

Salvador Bugarin

Medical Device Packaging Specialist

Rebecca Jakob

Product Development Engineer

Stacie Jones

Quality Specialist I

Rob Moughton

Supply Chain Buyer

Tyler Skipski

Supply Chain Specialist

Sage Lowery

Medical Device Packaging Specialist

Vaughn Gerber

Director of Central Engineering

Silviano Mata

Medical Device Packaging Specialist

Wesley McClellan

CAD Designer

Product Concept Design Development Testing Analysis Contract Manufacturing

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