New Product Development Phase 2 – Design and Development

In Phase 1, we defined your product’s form, function, specs and user needs as key parts of project planning. We also defined the required development steps for the project.

When we move into Phase 2, Design and Development, you and the Keystone Product Development staff enter into what is typically the most comprehensive and involved phase of product development. This is when the product truly takes shape, virtually in CAD modeling and physically in a working prototype. Yet we don’t accomplish that in one leap. Phase 2 involves:

  • In-depth design
  • Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • CAD modeling and drawings
  • Prototype creation

In-Depth Design

In the first phase, we looked at your original idea and expanded on it, assessing the scope of work and funding needed to bring the project to a successful launch in the market.

In phase two, we see a new product evolve into a workable form. You may have had some initial concepts of how your product would work and even what it looked like when we began the project development, but those concepts have likely changed during our assessment in the first phase. As we begin the second phase, we already have a clearer picture of the product, how it’s to be used, and the need it fills. Now it’s time to work out the details. We turn that clearer picture into engineering drawings and CAD modeling. Together, you and Keystone Product Development staff carefully analyze the designs we come up with to determine their ability to meet the requirements for the product.

Analysis and Risk Analysis

We conduct two types of analysis for the proposed product: a general analysis of the product’s capability, and a risk analysis to consider unintended consequences.

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