How to Select a Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

When you’re looking for a contract manufacturer for medical devices, it’s essential to look for a number of key qualities that will ensure the successful completion of your device. While it can be taxing to locate manufacturers, learn about their capabilities and vet their credentials, doing so will give your product the best possible chance when it goes to market. But what should you seek out? What are the most important attributes to look for in a medical device manufacturer? In this post, we’re going to highlight five key qualities to demand when you’re looking at contract manufacturing services.

1. ISO 13485 certification

ISO 13485 certified manufacturers have demonstrated that they have implemented a comprehensive quality control system. This certification allows you to be confident in the output of your chosen device manufacturer.

2. Knowledge of supply chain management

Having a knowledge of supply chain management ensures that the manufacturer will be able to source high quality, reliable parts and components for your medical device.

3. Product testing and analysis

Real manufacturing requires the ability to test and analyze devices and prototypes. Without accurate testing, it becomes difficult – if not impossible – to ensure that your medical device is operating as intended.

4. Efficient project management experience

Medical device contract manufacturing can be a long and arduous process. That doesn’t mean that it has to be painful. Experience managing projects efficiently means that your project will remain on schedule without compromising the quality of your device.

5. Long term product assistance

At Keystone Solutions Group, we want to give our clients the best possible chances of creating a successful, widely-adopted medical device. To accomplish this, we provide long term assistance in the warehousing, distribution and shipment of your product. Offering Kanban, vendor managed inventory, ongoing customer support and order fulfillment, we strive – at every stage – to give your device the opportunity that it deserves. If you’ve been looking for a medical device contract manufacturer that will work tirelessly to help your product succeed, call Keystone today to learn how we can help.

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